I serve as a Location Pastor & Worship Leader at National Community Church in Washington D.C. I am also the President & Founder of New Rhythm Project, a child advocacy movement. This is my personal blog. It will focus on key topics that are most important to me such as leadership, orphan care, social justice, family, assessment, & rethinking how we do life. I will also occasionally write off topic to reference subjects that intrigue me. My goal is to write meaningful & thought provoking content that can inspire your personal and professional life. We only get one shot at this life so lets aspire to give it our all and our best. There are ways of doing good and spreading love that we have not thought of yet. So let’s get to it!


One response to “About

  • prateeksha sharma

    Dear Jason
    Nice to run into your page…in a complex, quick way the way it happens on the internet- and you run into so many kindred souls here.
    we are a new organization working using the arts, based out of new delhi, India. Its nice to read what you are doing. Am not sure we can do much together for now- but the fact that there is a larger human dream that stirs us all is heart-warming.
    god bless you
    warmth regards

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